Facts you may not know about the artificial grass

Facts you may not know about the artificial grass

Facts you may not know about the artificial grass

Artificial turf has been used by homeowners for a while now. It is becoming more and more popular among busy homeowners who do not have time to maintain their gardens and backyards. It is the number 1 choice for commercial property owners as well.

It has come a long way since it was first used. But still, a lot of people do not know anything about artificial grass. To pass on some knowledge about artificial grass, we have compiled some fun facts that you’d be happy to know:

Artificial grass is made just as a carpet is made

Artificial turf is produced the same way as the carpet does. In some way, it can be considered as a big green outdoor carpet that allows water, fluids, and liquids to drain through it.

The terms that we generally use while buying artificial grass are used for the measurements of carpets. For example, the pile height is considered as the height of the artificial grass from the surface to backing while the yarn too, is made of plastic, just like the artificial grass.

The fun fact is: Artificial grass is sometimes produced in carpet factories due to the similar nature of the production process.

There is more than one type of artificial grass

Artificial grass has many types such as:

In-fill material: is usually added to the top of the grass to weight it down and to keep the pile vertical to the ground.

Hybrid grass: It is a 50-50 mixture of real and fake turf.

Sports grass: It is usually durable and longer than the typical artificial grass. In addition to that, it has performance in-fill to prevent the players from slipping. Sports grass is usually known as 4G and 3G pitches.

Non-in-fill grass: This type is specifically pinned down to avoid the addition of any material on top to weigh it down.

A quarter of gardens around the world do not have a natural grass

1 in 4 homeowners having gardens chooses not to bear all the trouble that comes with installing real grass. Instead, they opt for low-maintenance gardens and install artificial turf. Artificial grass is perfect for gardens as it keeps it lush green all year round while requiring little to no maintenance.

Sports pitches made of artificial turf are very common

Sports fields in the US including NFL fields make very good use of artificial turf. Most of the pitches have artificial turf for playing surface and now, even the UK has started installing artificial grass in its sports fields too.

You probably have watched a game on artificial grass and might not have realized until now.

Closing thoughts

There’s a lot that we still do not know about artificial grass. All we know, as laymen are that it is more durable and low-maintenance for commercial and residential use. Not only does it stand tall all year round but perfect for your children and pets to play on. Other than that, you won’t be changing it in another 5 to 6 years due to its excellent durability formula.

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