How Much Maintenance Does Artificial Turf Need?

How Much Maintenance Does Artificial Turf Need

Artificial turf is a cost-effective alternative to natural grass thanks to the low maintenance required of it! That being said, even the highest quality artificial turf from Perfect Green USA will require some level of maintenance. Luckily, artificial turf is easy to care for, easy to clean, and most importantly— it is affordable to maintain! So how much maintenance does artificial turf need?

Have the Right Equipment

Before you can get to work caring for your new artificial turf lawn from Perfect Green USA, you will need to make sure that you have the right equipment! While you can get rid of your lawnmower and your weed wacker there are a few things that you can keep in the tool shed.

All you will need is a garden hose, a leafblower (optional), a rake, and a brush or broom with stiff bristles. That’s all!

You will want to make sure that you avoid using any rakes or brushes that have metal bristles or teeth to prevent causing the turf to wear and tear.

A Quick Pick up

While you don’t need to mow your lawn, you will still need to pick up the occasional debris and trash that falls into your yard. In the fall you will likely have to rake up leaves and pick up pine needles. If you have a leafblower on hand you will make short work of this but a rake works just fine!

Give Your Artificial Turf a Rinse

The final thing that you will need to do in order to care for your artificial turf is to give it a quick rinse! Over time it is almost inevitable that you will spill a drink on your artificial turf or have to clean up pet waste from your artificial turf. To ensure that you are able to clean up stains you will have to act fast. Washing your artificial turf with a household detergent should lift just about any stain from mild to super sticky! Finally, give your perfect green lawn a rinse with the hose.

Fluff Artificial Turf With a Brush

High traffic areas of your artificial grass can become flattened after a while. This is especially the case for any areas where you have an item sitting on it for a while. To make sure that your turf always looks fluffy and new, you will simply have to give it a good brushing with a brush or broom with thick, stiff bristles.

If you want to keep your artificial turf looking pristine you won’t have to brush every day, but you should brush often enough to have your yard look maintained.

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