Misconceptions about an artificial grass

Misconceptions about an artificial grass

Misconceptions about an artificial grass


With new trends and items popping on the market, it’s challenging to know what’s truly the best. That being said, there are misconceptions about the product in every industry; be it lawn care, landscaping, or residential and commercial improvement. One trend or item with ever-growing popularity is artificial turf.

People have raised many misconceptions about artificial grass. While most people love it, others are hesitant due to false information. And, that’s what we are going to talk about- misconceptions about artificial grass.

As Perfect Green USA is a thought leader and provider in the industry, we know artificial grass from the inside out. Keep moving forward to clear all your confusions and misconceptions about fake grass.

It is not as appealing as real turf

Property appearance and its value is the most important to homeowners. They do not want anything messing with their properties. Some homeowners invest in cheap or low-class artificial turf with poor aesthetics.

The truth is; artificial turf can make your lawn or yard more beautiful and pleasing than ever. It comes in all shades of green and stays beautiful, lush, and green in all climates. It is better to have lush green lawns all year round than homes with patchy grass or dead lawns.

It is unsafe for animals

We all know the love cats and dogs have for real grass. Well, it is the same case for synthetic grass as well. High-quality grass blades feel all-natural and soft. While cats love to feel the texture with their paws, dogs love to lay and play around artificial turf.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about them scratching and digging the grass. The mess-free drainage system that synthetic grass provides is second to none. 

It is expensive

Yes, artificial turf is more expensive to install than original grass. However, it has an extended life. When you consider all the expenses of installation, maintenance, and landscaping of real grass, artificial grass is a good investment and provides long-term coverage. Meanwhile, natural grass provides constant watering, fertilizing, and mowing. Also, you need natural plants to keep the grass healthy and lively.

It is high maintenance

People love artificial grass because of how low-maintenance it is. It is easy to clean and requires no mowing at all. They have a mesh drainage lining so that liquids can flow through. Therefore, pet urine, snow, and rain will not damage the blades of the grass.

Solid objects like pet waste and dry leaves are easy to identify on grass blades. You can clean anything easily, without using running water.

It is boring

Some people have labeled artificial turf as ‘boring’. It is because some of the homeowners like to mow, add fertilizers, and water the grass regularly. Even though artificial grass does not require any of this, it is versatile. You can transform your lawn into a mini-golf lawn. You can add putting greens to make the surface good for golf.

If you want the aesthetics, you can even plant flowerbeds, bushes, and trees within it.


Now that we have cleared all the misconceptions about artificial grass, it’s time for you to get rid of patchy grass and get aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance artificial turf from Perfect Green Usa.