What to do if my artificial grass has turned old?

What to do if my artificial grass has turned old?

What to do if my artificial grass has turned old?

Most homeowners opt for artificial turf because let’s face it, it’s safe, budget-friendly, and easy to maintain. However, nothing lasts forever, not even artificial turf. Artificial turf by Perfect Green lasts for more than 15 years but gradually, weather, pets, and the environment can take a toll on its lifespan.

How can I identify old artificial grass?

If you see some of the below signs, it’s time you figure that the synthetic grass you love is turning old:

  • Smelly bacteria or mold build-up, especially on pet-specified areas
  • The synthetic grass begins to separate and fray
  • High traffic areas on the grass do not rebound even after brushing
  • Color fading becomes noticeable

If you are worried about your children’s safety, it’s high time you keep a critical eye on old artificial turf on your lawn. Fresh artificial turf is safe and enhances the property’s appearance. On the contrary, old synthetic grass is bacteria-infested and decreases the property’s appearance.

So, what happens next? Is the next step to throw the grass away?

Don’t just throw your artificial turf

The last thing this earth wants is landfills with unnecessary waste. However, artificial turf from Perfect Green is environmental-friendly, sustainable, and 100% recyclable. Expert recyclers are now able to separate poly-plastics from infill material to manufacture the backing and the blades.

Once the artificial turf is processed and cleaned, it can be manufactured into everything; be it a t-shirt or a tote bag.

Breathe new life into the old artificial turf

Organizations and municipalities use second-hand artificial turf as cage mats for low-income areas. For this purpose, the artificial turf is processed, cleaned, and then sanitized. Only after then, it is installed elsewhere.

If you want to make the most of your old artificial grass, do not throw it away. Repurpose your artificial turf for outdoor uses and teach the lesson of sustainability to your neighbors. You can turn it into something new or put an advertisement for it. It might be of no use to you but who knows if someone wants it for his daughter’s playhouse. Old synthetic grass is ideal for fun DIY projects with your kids.

Shop new artificial grass from us

Upgrading your lawn feels like installing new flooring or remodeling your kitchen. Give your lawn or yard a much-needed makeover and impress your neighbors and guests. To change your house’s appeal, you can choose a different size or shape of artificial turf this time. As artificial turf is easy to maintain and install, you won’t have any limitations to worry about. For example, you can choose a denser shade of synthetic grass and surprise your kids.

You would definitely be surprised to see how much artificial grass technology has changed since your first purchase. Synthetic grass is durable, attractive, tough, and low-maintenance. It’s prettier in real and comes in all shades of green.

Whether you are giving a makeover to your lawn or yard, Perfect Green is the best option when it comes to buying high-quality, safe, and durable synthetic grass.

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