What to Do When Your Artificial Grass Is Damaged

What to Do When Your Artificial Grass Is Damaged

At Perfect Green USA, we’ve seen artificial grass be used for just about every purpose under the sun. That’s because artificial grass is incredibly durable and it holds up to just about any amount of recreational use. What’s more, is that artificial grass is durable enough to last as long as 15 years before you need to think about replacing it! That being said, accidents do happen, and sometimes the perfect green grass that you had installed can get damaged, snagged, ripped, or worn down to the ground (literally). So what are you to do when your artificial grass is damaged. Luckily for you, you don’t have to replace the entire lawn, putting green, or pet run just yet. We have some options for you!

Common Artificial Grass Damage

As mentioned above, artificial turf is used for everything from decorative lawns to athletic fields and even for dog kennels and pet runs. That means that artificial grass damage can come from just about anywhere. Lucky for you, you’ll never have to worry about water damage or pet urine being the culprit thanks to specialized infills that allow for easy drainage.

More often than not, the turf will become damaged by snagging on something sharp. This could be a sliding goal post, metal soccer, and football studs, and even sharp dog claws (though less likely).

Don’t Replace the Whole Lawn Just yet

The good news is that when your perfect green artificial turf gets a tear, you can easily replace just the damaged area instead of laying down a new playing surface altogether. Having an expert turf installation company send out a qualified technician to asses the damage and give you a quote on the replacement turf and installation is the first step. If you’re lucky, you may only need to purchase a few square feet of turf.

Repair It With Turf Tape

Turf tape is a seamless way to repair and join two pieces of artificial turf together in a way that makes it appear as a single piece of turf. With turf tape, Perfect Green USA can fix any artificial grass damage as if it never happened. So you’ll never have to worry about your putting green looking patchy or mismatched.

If You Must Replace Your Artificial Grass…

If you do find yourself needing to replace large sections of turf, it’s important to know that artificial turf is recyclable, and giving your turf new life could help subsidize the cost of your replacement grass! Schools and organizations are always looking for second-hand materials such as turf so there is a market for you. Keep that in mind as you order your turf!