What to Do With Old Artificial Grass

What to Do With Old Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a beautiful and environmentally friendly alternative for decorating your lawn that requires no water and very mild care in comparison to natural turf. With so many financial incentives, it’s no wonder that artificial grass is becoming more and more popular with homeowners as a solution for having a Perfect Green USA  lawn. One of the many aspects of artificial grass is its incredibly long life span that is anywhere between 10 and 20 years! But what happens when your artificial lawn is nearing the end of its life? Well, read on and we’ll show you what to do with old artificial grass so that you always have a perfectly green lawn.

Old Artificial Grass Is Recyclable

Before we get started, it’s important to note that artificial grass is made with recyclable materials that can be reused and repurposed to give artificial grass a second life. In fact, many of the materials that make up artificial grass were previously recycled!

While it wasn’t always the case, today the poly-plastics that are used to create the blades and backing of synthetic turf can be effectively recycled. That makes even old synthetic turf useful enough to give it a second life.

Give Old Turf New Life

As mentioned above, not only is synthetic turf made from recycled materials, but it is also recyclable so you don’t have to worry about throwing your old synthetic turf away.

That being said— recycling your old synthetic turf isn’t the only way to give your grass a new life. When it comes to synthetic turf, the materials are incredibly durable and this means that they can last close to 20 years before you even need to consider replacing them. This means that there is a steady second-hand market for used synthetic turf. Organizations that are looking for artificial turf at a discounted price will often look to purchase used artificial grass. This means that when you replace your artificial turf, you can cover some of the cost by passing it on to new owners.

Shop for New Synthetic Turf

Once you’ve given your synthetic turf a new life, it’s time to search for new artificial turf. Luckily, at Perfect Green USA, we have you covered! With the widest selection of artificial turf for backyard lawns, putting greens, pet areas, and playgrounds— we’re positive that we have the perfect turf for your every need!

We even offer free synthetic turf installation for projects that are over 300 square feet! Contact our team today!