Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Rainy Weather

Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Rainy Weather

Did April showers ruin your lawn this Spring? While rainy weather is instrumental in keeping large grassy areas like your front lawn or your favorite sports field, excessive rain can turn even the best lawn from perfect green to muddy and ugly. Luckily there’s a 100% environmentally conscious alternative to real grass from Perfect Green USA that can stand up to all of the elements! Here are our top reasons why artificial grass is perfect for rainy weather!

It Doesn’t Fall Apart

As we mentioned, April showers can cause your perfect lawn to fall apart with even the smallest footstep. That’s because when your lawn gets wet during a storm, it causes the soil underneath to become muddy which causes grass blades to loosen up and break. This will leave your lawn looking trampled.

With artificial grass from Perfect Green USA, you never have to worry about your grass falling apart because of the way that synthetic grass is made. Even as the artificial grass flattens when it gets trampled, the blades don’t break and clumps of grass don’t come out.

It Has a Long Life Expectancy

The most important thing to remember about why artificial grass is perfect for rainy weather is that it has a very long life expectancy, especially compared to natural grass. That’s because the polyethylene that makes up artificial grass is a durable material that will give you 15 to 20 years of use— easy.

It’s Installed to Prevent Problems

Not only is artificial grass so durable to begin with, but it is also carefully installed by the professionals at Perfect Green USA to prevent any splitting, separating, tearing, or snagging; all to ensure that is a long-lasting product that will last you for many years to come.

With artificial grass, you can count on your grass staying in place and not lifting up when it rains. We install grass to last many years through every kind of weather.

It’s Safe, Not Slick!

Finally, unlike natural grass and mud, when artificial grass is installed, it is carefully placed over an infill that allows water to safely drain through it. Allowing for proper water drainage means that you won’t step on a slick piece of grass that is going to slide with your foot as you walk. Artificial grass will keep you on your feet regardless of the rainfall.

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