Why is artificial turf good for kids

Misconceptions about an artificial grass

Why is artificial turf good for kids?


Artificial turf is a great choice for nurseries, schools, homes, and wherever your children are. For a very good reason, parents and school authorities are preferring artificial turf over natural grass. why? Well, there are numerous aspects of this theory.

Even children today prefer artificial grass due to its durability, strength, softness, and appearance. Here are some reasons why artificial turf is good for your child:

Synthetic grass does not stain clothes

Your kid has no risk of getting nasty and dirty spots and stains on his clothes. When it comes to natural grass, children get stains and it becomes impossible for the parent to remove them.

Artificial grass is great for kids to jump, play football and soccer. Yes, they are prone to falling, and slips and falls will happen. However, your kid’s clothes won’t be stained anymore.

It is soft in touch

Artificial grass is made of high-quality nylon, which is why it feels as soft as the real one. If you have an adorable baby who is learning to crawl, let him crawl on artificial grass and see how he reacts to the softest surface!

Kids usually play out in the summer season and that’s the time when natural grass is the hardest to feel. However, your kids will still feel the softness of lush green grass in a dry spell.

You can install a pool on synthetic grass

Usually, people put kid’s swimming pools on natural grass. But when they remove it after a couple of days, the grass gets severely damaged. This increases your lawn’s maintenance cost.

On the other hand, artificial grass has the durability and resilience to cover the weight of the pool, regardless of the number of days. Yes, the fibers flatten for the very first time but all you have to do is brush them.

It dries quickly

Parents usually forbid children to play in the rainy season as the natural grass is wet and takes time to dry. This increases the risk of injuries but Perfect Green USA has just the solution for it!

Artificial grass dries quicker as compared to natural grass. All you have to do is let the sunshine for 20 minutes and your children can go back to playing!

Artificial grass is durable

Rough and tumble plays won’t even make a mess on artificial grass. The lush and green surface will remain new even after your children have played on it. Synthetic grass is a surface material that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your landscape and lawn.

Artificial grass is safer than natural grass

Stats from the National Safety council suggest that 80% of the injuries in children are caused by falls in the playgrounds. They fall from swings, climbers, and slides. However, the problem is not faulty swings but the slippery surface.

However, synthetic grass is equipped with shock-absorbent technology that protects the kids from falling or slipping.


If you are considering installing synthetic grass instead of natural grass, you are making a healthy and safe decision for your kids.